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Harmonic Gate®

Harmonic Gate® HG-110A Harmonic Gate® is a product designed to enhance the quality of any type of audio and video source in real-time when recording, mixing, mastering, post-production or even in live performances. It also immunize your audio and video equipment and systems against electrical harmonic morphings. What it does Immediate perceptible advantages of the « Harmonic Gate® » are: Audio Each instrument and vocalist, would be defined better in its space. It reveals inner and reverberation details even when used on recorded tracks or CDs which are originally masked. Enhances clarity, spatiality, dynamics and depth. Large soundstage with perfect stereophonic...

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KB Ultimate DI

KB ULTIMATE DI The KB ultimate DI is a high quality direct box with selectable on board preamplifier and equalizer designed specifically for bass players. The preamplifier has an unprecedented linearity. Almost don’t need a compressor or limiter for bass guitar. Magnificent sustain, deep bass with non-aggressive and melodic medium. It’s ideally suited for use with active or passive bass guitars, keyboards and both acoustic and electric guitars. Directions Just plug the instrument into the box and then go from box to your amp or direct to the board. All 3 outputs, Parallel out, Out and XLR out can...

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Services KB TEC provides high quality service and repairs for the Professional Audio Industry. A well-established knowledge base combined with over 35 years of experience in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Customer Support makes KB TEC the winning choice when it comes to pro audio electronics engineering and service. Custom development Our engineering service provides you with the possibility of creating customized audio units to fully satisfy your specific needs. Improvement Our improvement service is for customers who wish to obtain cutting-edge and superior performances from their own favorite brands. Repair & Modification Repair and modification...

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